Top 10 destinations in Asia

Asia is such as diversely exciting and attractive place that it can be difficult to determine exactly where you can go to acquire a true picture of the continent. An understanding of the true beauty of the region can be summed up in these ten destinations that the continent of Asia has to offer.

So rather than racking your brain over the numerous choices made available and breaking down into a panic, take into consideration these ten destinations.

10 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai lies in the north of the capital and has been accepted by many as a more peaceful and less chaotic place that Bangkok, Thailand’s northern capital. Read more about Chiang Mai

9 Goa, India
Many can remember Goa for its hippies and electronic music but the state has grown into a more sophisticated vacation destination with the passing decades, especially with its increasingly popular beaches, this makes it a clear contender in our top 10. Read more about Goa.

8 Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia is a complicated place, both politically and economically. And the news can create an ambivalent image of the country especially for those that are intent on visiting the region for vacation reasons. Read more about Bali.

7 Tokyo, Japan
It is difficult to recommend Tokyo as a leading tourist destination because of how pricey it is. But that would be ignoring just wondrous this city is. Read more about Tokyo.

6 China, Beijing
China is an odd place to visit, but it is that oddity that makes it such an attractive destination to visit. Beijing captures the essence of China perfectly. Read more about Beijing.

5 Malaysia, Penang
This is the place to go to truly begin to appreciate the beauty of Malaysia, a region of Asia meant to allow those weary travelers the chance to relax, relieve their bodies of stress and feast until they die. Especially if you love great food! Read more about Penang.

4 Borneo, Malaysia
When Malaysian Borneo is mentioned, most people, that know the land, will immediately mention Sabah, a naturally preserved paradise, rich in forest and a race of Malaysians indigenous to the land. You should definitely visit this place! Read more about Borneo.

3 Singapore
There is a tendency for tourists to shun Singapore. Why? Well it is expensive as hell and most travelers tend to journey and vacation on some sort of budget. None the less this tiny state, surprisingly green, is more than worth the visit and you wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Read more about Singapore.

2 Cambodia, Siem Reap
If you are going to Cambodia and especially Siem Reap, then you will most likely hear about and stop at the nine hundred year old temples of Ankor Wat. These incredible complex temples are a site to behold. Read more about Siem Reap.

1 Thailand’s islands
This country has a considerable number of islands camouflaging a considerable amount of its beauty. Thailand is blessed with a considerable number of islands that are so small you will not even find a dot assigned to them on the map. We like beaches and that’s why we’ve put this at number one! Read more about Thailand’s islands.

These top 10 destinations Asia are merely the tip of the ice berg as this is a continent truly blessed with an abundance of attractions to bewilder the common eye.

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