Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a complicated place, both politically and economically. And the news can create an ambivalent image of the country especially for those that are intent on visiting the region for vacation reasons.

There are places in Indonesia, however, that have managed to survive the ambivalent news coming out of this Asian nation. Bali is one such location, a place of great beauty, consisting of beautiful sandy beaches and landscapes molded by its volcanic activity.

Many have described Bali as a magical destination for those seeking to get away from the difficult and harsh world for a few days or weeks For many Bali was once the one stop destination for honeymooners seeking, along with surfers, a great experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

That was a while back however as Bali has now matured into a sophisticated vacation destination capable of meeting the needs of any visitor that might grace its shores.

The action on Bali is usually focused in the south of the island, specifically revolving around Kuta beach. Those not nearly as interested in hangovers can find sophisticated pass times in Ubud, a town deluged by art and central to the culture of Bali

It has been said that more tourists flock to Ubud than the town itself can keep up with, though it isn’t only artists and musicians that come to this town, not with its naturally endowed monkey forest.

The best time to travel to Bali would be between April and September, just before and just after the peak tourist season and it’s still dry as the rainy season hasn’t started yet.

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