Productivity Hacks

How big is your list of to-does? If you’re like me, it’s probably quite big and you’re looking for ways to reduce it’s size by being more productive.You can leave your work feeling satisfied with what you’ve done, and all you’ll need is a few “productivity hacks” to get the job done. Here are some … Read more

Why Investing is Less Risky Than You Think

That is what consumers do. They consume all their capital. The same people who will tell you that they are afraid of taking “risk” by investing will not give a second thought about blowing $100 at the mall on something they don’t need, can’t afford and will end up paying double for it over the … Read more

Bring Your College Costs Under Control

You have filled out all the tedious forms for financial aid. The day arrives for your meeting with the Financial Aid person at the college that your child has pretty much decided to attend. You walk in sweating bullets because whatever they come up with as a price, you have to multiply it by 4 … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Job for Yourself

There was a man who was applying for a job at a bank as a janitor but when they handed him the application to fill-out he told them he could not read or write. They told him they could not hire him because he could not read and write. The man left the bank and … Read more

How to Keep Your Job and Be Rewarded

Are you tired of looking over your shoulder to see if the “Duo of Death” (your boss followed by an HR assistant with a box) are coming to your desk to give you a pink slip? There are a few things you can do that will make you a more valuable employee that will help … Read more

How to Save Over $67,500 or more on Lunch

Your waiter drops off your lunch check on your table and says, “I’ll take that when you are ready”. You turn the bill over to see the amount of $67,500! ¬†After you pick yourself off the floor you start to laugh thinking this is some kind of mistake. Perhaps you are on Candid Camera or … Read more