Uluru-Kata, Australia

Tjuta National Park is also in the Northern Territory. If you decide to visit Australia, Uluru has to definitely be among the places you should visit. Don’t be tempted to ignore it and regard it as just a rock but those that have seen it, appreciated its worth. Uluru holds a great feel of history, beauty and awesomeness.
Uluru is a living world legacy and cultural landscape. It is often referred to as the heart of Australia Make sure to include it in your plan because it will be definitely worthwhile.

It is a main tourist attraction and is nicknamed the Red Centre. There are activities that you have to do while visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park and they include; watching the sun rise above Uluru. This experience cannot really be explained in words-seeing a heritage like Uluru change color from deep purple to bright red, to orange and then finally brown right before your eyes is an experience you will never forget.
You can decide to take a helicopter ride around the entire park or simply take a work around the rock-there are tour guides available for tourists. Camel rides are also available and you can join a tour group as you listen to the stories and legends of the park. A meal under the skies in the desert should
also be part of your schedule. It is a dining experience like never before. So many Australian dishes like barramundi, crocodile, and bush salads among others. A star gazing tour for all people is also available especially if you admire the beauty of the sky. This tour is both educative and relaxing. Uluru
is no doubt a breathtaking place.

The best time to visit Uluru and Kata is between May and September to have the best temperatures.

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