Penang, Malaysia

This is the place to go to truly begin to appreciate the beauty of Malaysia, a region of Asia meant to allow those weary travelers the chance to relax, relieve their bodies of stress and feast until they die.

Penang is the jewel and pride of the country, availing to its guests some of the best food on the continent in the so called Penang hawker food. While most Malaysians are accustomed to feasting on either Chinese food or food from India, hawker food, called so because it is sold from metal carts on wheels driven around the street, actually a remnant of colonialism, combines both Chinese and Indian cuisine alongside Malaysian dishes to create a series of new and unique flavors.

And because each hawker specializes in the sale of one or two specific dishes, one can expect them to be masters at crafting those dishes to perfection, making these dishes worth the journey to this nation

Outside Penang, many a tourists have been known to flock to Borneo, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Negara, Malacca, Cameron highlands and a myriad of other attractions waiting to be unwrapped by unsuspecting foreigners.

The best time to visit Penang is November to January as during these months the weather is very pleasant. However if you prefer to enjoy slightly less tourists you might want to visit from February to April.

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