There is a tendency for tourists to shun Singapore. Why? Well it is expensive as hell and most travelers tend to journey and vacation on some sort of budget. None the less this tiny state, surprisingly green, is more than worth the visit.

Maybe the negative view of Singapore with regards to finances comes down to how much cheaper Malaysia, next door, is; that doesn’t change the fact that Singapore is a pleasant place to visit. It consists of a fusion of cultures, specifically Indian and Chinese. To most guests’ surprise though, a considerable number of its people speak English, making it that much easier to navigate the streets.

Singapore is good at hiding its secrets. No matter how much time you spend there, you will be surprised at how frequently you will keep making a new discovery. It is an adventure of a trip. And if money is the problem, there are always ways to have a good time while keeping the wallet closed.

Most have been known to flock to the museums, especially those that have three day passes. The museums are close to each other, making it easy to walk from one to the other; there, you are already saving on transport, and the museums are a hub of art and culture, stocked with enough material to keep even experienced artistic experts busy.

The best time to visit Singapore is during low season, this is from August till October. Be prepared for a little bit of rain though, although it’s not as bad as in most other Asian countries

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