Borneo, Malaysia

When Malaysian Borneo is mentioned, most people, that know the land, will immediately mention Sabah, a naturally preserved paradise, rich in forest and a race of Malaysians indigenous to the land.

Sabah is perfect in makeup as it contains all the modern emenities that a sophisticated vocational spot would be expected to posses but none the less blessed with large swathes of land completely untouched by man and allowed to spread under the hand of the wild.

Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu, continues on under the glare of Mount Kinabalu and while it is stocked with modern restaurants and shopping malls to satiate the tastes of one seeking modernity, those that wish to experience the wild can find their true destination in eastern Sabah, paradise for those in awe of nature.

It isn’t merely the existence of forests, various species of plants and animals and a host of other natural wonders that sets Sabah apart. It is the ease with which these wonders can be accessed that makes this a trip worth making on any day.

Though it is worth mentioning that it takes seven hours to journey from the capital city, but once the trip is done, one can lose themselves in the Tabin wild life reserve, Sipadan and its green waters, the Park of Turtle Island and several other natural wonders.

The best time to visit Borneo is between March and October as that’s the dry season. Be prepared for a hot and humid climate though.

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