There is a tendency for tourists to shun Singapore. Why? Well it is expensive as hell and most travelers tend to journey and vacation on some sort of budget. None the less this tiny state, surprisingly green, is more than worth the visit. Maybe the negative view of Singapore with regards to finances comes down … Read moreSingapore


Top 10 destinations in Europe

Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent with about fifty countries and welcomes over 480 (Four hundred eighty) million visitors annually. Seven of the ten most visited countries in the world are European nations and this is because of the continent’s greatly preserved cultural heritage, cosmopolitan nature and efficient infrastructure. Most of the famous and popular … Read moreTop 10 destinations in Europe

Top 10 destinations in North America

Every single year, many people from different nations across the world travel to different locations throughout North America for vacations. The vacations may either be for the whole family, or for only the husband and his wife. The destinations vary depending on the travelers’ interests and where they would like to go. Among these destinations … Read moreTop 10 destinations in North America

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Kakadu National Park (The Northern Territory) is located approximately 200 kilometers south east of Darwin and spreads across nearly 20,000 square km (3.2 million acres). It also consists of the traditional lands of several original tribes. It provides over five thousand rock painting sites. Kakadu National Park holds an exceptional award that only two other … Read moreKakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia