Top 10 destinations in Australia

The seven continents in the world are beautiful. Whether it is in rich green and historical land of Africa to the Polar side of Antarctica or the diversity of Europe or the beautiful, relaxing and historical Australia, great places awaits everyone.

The whole continent of Australia is very beautiful and has a lot of great places to visit. If you decide to explore the islands close to the mainland, or you want to travel across the desert areas and dine with wild nature and distinctive animal species, or just enjoy the view of the metropolitan areas of the country; Australia has it all in store for you is no doubt one of the most interesting continents to visit. It has an abundance of culture combined beautifully with nature. It is definitely a grand destination for any kind of holiday.

Here are the top 10 destinations Australia has that will definitely make your holiday memorable, fun, adventurous and relaxing.

1 Sydney.

This is major entry point into Australia for majority of people. It is like the eye through which Australia ts viewed first. There are many exciting and unique places to visit such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour that has marine aquarium. Read more about Sydney.

2 The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland which stretches approximately 2,300 kilometers is one of the popular sites in Australia. It is one of the most renowned natural wonder of the world. It’s beauty and natural playgrounds are simply amazing. It is the largest coral reef system in the whole world. It is a home to an enormous wealth of exceptional, endangered and rare animal and plant species. Read more about the Great Barrier Reef.

3 The Great Ocean Road (Victoria). The Great Ocean Road is unquestionably the paramount most charming drive in the world. It’s length is officially 243 kilometers which is approximately 150 mile. It takes an entire day to see it all, because it has narrow traffic lanes and it’s often one direction. It gives scenery views of the cliffs and the ocean, as you pass through the windy rain forests climate. Read more about the Great Ocean Road.

4 The Grampians National Park (Victoria). It is located at the official end of the Great Ocean Road. The Grampians National Park is about 1,672 km in size. It has several attractions and activities such as incredible hikes, series sandstone ridges at a low angle. And it also prides itself as the host of one
of the richest Indigenous sites for rock art in south-eastern Australia. Read more about the Grampians National Park.

5 Byron Bay (New South Wales) is located in New South Wales, just south of the Queensland border. Byron Bay is admired and well known not just international tourists, but is also a desired holiday destination of Australians too. The lighthouse at most easterly part of mainland Australia is astonishing at sunset. There is also variety of music carnivals over the year that attracts international and local musicians alike and provides great entertainment for both locals and tourist. Read more about Byron Bay.

6 Kakadu National Park (The Northern Territory) is located approximately 200 kilometers south east of Darwin and spreads across nearly 20,000 square km (3.2 million acres). It also consists of the traditional lands of several original tribes. It provides over five thousand rock painting sites. Read more about Kakadu National Park.

7 Uluru-Kata
Tjuta National Park is also in the Northern Territory. If you decide to visit Australia, Uluru has to definitely be among the places you should visit. Don’t be tempted to ignore it and regard it as merely a rock but those that have seen it, appreciated its worth. Uluru holds a great feel of history, beauty and awesomeness. Read more about Uluru.

8 Tasmania is one of the lovely places in Australia similar to New Zealand landscapes. It has pretty cities with excellent facilities and services especially for visitors. One major emphasize is it’s spectacular beaches. There is a vast deposit of beauty and wild life in the mountains and lagoons. Read more about Tasmania.

9 Gold Coast in South Eastern Queensland is known for its striking beaches accompanied by perfect weather throughout the year. It also has amazing canals and a great water system. Its night life is a delight for most tourists. There are uncountable things that one can do at Gold coast.
Some of them include; a visit to the any of the world class theme parks will be a good place to start. Also, a tour around Q1 which is the tallest residential tower and building in Australia can also add spice to your visit. If you love nature, then be sure to also check out the Springbrook National Park, a remnant of a huge volcano. Read more about Gold Coast.

10 The Barossa Valley in South Australia is the main wine producing region in so wine lovers will definitely enjoy this spot. It is a home to the world’s famous Penfolds Grange Hermitage red wine. This beautiful area is also rich in customs and culture. It is a truly green area with several rows upon rows of grapevines. Read more about the Barossa Valley.

There are several great destinations to visit in Australia depending on your purpose of visit, duration, finances and interest. Here in Australia, there is definitely a perfect place for you.

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