The Secret to Making Your Razor Blades Last for a Year

It always pains me to throw away those expensive disposable shaving cartridges. Not anymore because I have found a way to triple the life of my shaving cartridges. The secret is that razors do not lose their sharpness just from use, but also from water. The moisture degrades the shaving surface which dulls the blade. When I finish shaving, I shake the excess water off my razor and then blast it with my wife’s hair dryer for about 10 seconds.

My razor blades used to last only about a week (I have a tough beard) but now they last almost a month! At around $4 a piece, that now saves me over $135 a year. Now my face is baby smooth for a lot less dough. I know of some people who have had their razor blades last 6 months to even a year. They must have a less tough beard then me. 

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