How to Save Over $67,500 or more on Lunch

Your waiter drops off your lunch check on your table and says, “I’ll take that when you are ready”. You turn the bill over to see the amount of $67,500!  After you pick yourself off the floor you start to laugh thinking this is some kind of mistake. Perhaps you are on Candid Camera or someone is playing a practical joke on you waiting to see your reaction.
The sad fact is that it is true. If you go out  for lunch everyday at work it will end up costing you at least $67,500!

Here is the breakdown:
$6.00 for lunch everyday x 5 days = $30 a week x 50 weeks a year (2 for vacation) = $1,500
$1,500 x 45 years of working = $67,500!

What does it cost if you brown bag it? Almost nothing.
For years I used to watch people go out to lunch in their cars that they were paying car payments on, that lived in apartments that they rented, they always complained that they never had enough money and they could never loose any weight. I would sit in my office eating my brown bag lunch (which I preferred because not only was I saving a ton of money but I could eat when I was hungry and did not have to drive somewhere to eat).

What if you had invested that same lunch money into basic investments that averaged 10%. Your lunch money would be worth over $17 million dollars. Not that’s a real “waist” of money. Pun intended.

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