Bring Your College Costs Under Control

You have filled out all the tedious forms for financial aid. The day arrives for your meeting with the Financial Aid person at the college that your child has pretty much decided to attend. You walk in sweating bullets because whatever they come up with as a price, you have to multiply it by 4 years. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!

Some things have changed. There is less money available thru loans and the economy could be in the toilet again soon, so that should give you a better edge in negotiating a lower price for tuition. During your meeting with the Financial Aid person don’t leave until you have pushed them to the limit. It is like buying a car. Those who push, get the lowest price.

Here are some tips:
1. No one pays full price. No matter if you have a billion dollars in the bank.
2. Make sure to take advantage of all the state and federal grants and scholarships. Some of them are not need based.
2. Whatever the Financial Aid person offers for a discount, ask for double that.
3. Meet with the dean or head of the department that you child will be enrolled in. They often have quite a bit of clout.
4. There is always work-study programs to help pay your students way. 
5. Room and board can run between $10-$16,000 a year. Purchase a 2-bedroom condo near the campus and have your child room with someone. The roommates rent can go to cover a portion of your mortgage payment. When they graduate then you can most likely sell the condo for a profit.
This way you get higher ed for a lot less bread. Don’t blow all your dough on college.

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