Lincoln Park, Chicago, US

This is one of Chicago, Illinois’ best residential neighborhoods. It is characterized by vintage townhomes which offer single family, as well as apartment style living. The streets are lined with trees, with several houses boasting of a small yard. However, parking is not easy. Persons who may not be having a residential parking permit may find themselves circling the blocks for some time, looking for a space for parking

Besides its residential charm, there are various Chicago attractions in Lincoln Park. The most popular ones include the North Avenue Beach, the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo

The North Avenue beach is a must see of Lincoln Park. It has got a wide sandy beach with an outstanding view of both downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. If you get there in the summer, you may get an opportunity to watch the professional beach volleyball tournaments, in addition to the Chicago air and water show.

Lincoln Park Zoo has got free admission and is open throughout the year. Between this and the high-quality exhibits, over three million visitors come to the zoo each year. It is advisable that you make your visit in the morning before the place gets too crowdie. Ever since it was opened in the 1868, the Lincoln Park Zoo has continued to provide its visitors with a unique experience of wildlife

In the Lincoln Park Conservatory, you get a chance to see various species of beautiful plants. There are four green houses, each with its own array of flora: the palm house, the Femery, the orchid house and the show house.

The best time to visit Lincoln Park is April through May and between September and October as the temperatures are warm.

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