The Amazon rainforest

If you love nature, animals and birds, the amazon is undoubtedly where you need to visit In the amazon, you will be able to see a variety of animals and birds like parrots, monkeys, macaws and pink dolphins as well. The amazon is full of rare animal and bird species not so common in other … Read more

Thailand’s islands

This country has a considerable number of islands camouflaging a considerable amount of its beauty. Thailand is blessed with a considerable number of islands that are so small you will not even find a dot assigned to them on the map. Yet it is on these islands that the waters wash onto shore bluer than … Read more

Patagonia, Chile/ Argentina

Patagonia, a remote location on the southern most tip of South America is one of the most beautiful destinations on the continent, receiving over 100,000 visitors annually. Patagonia is a mosaic of dramatic land forms, snow capped mountains, vast ice fields and golden pampas. Part of the Patagonia is located in Chile while the other … Read more

Mendoza, Argentina

Located at the base of the Andes in Argentina, Mendoza is a heaven for wine drinkers. Mendoza with its fertile lands and irrigation schemes has proven to be a top destination for people who love wine because of its long tradition of producing wine. Apart from the wine, Mendoza is also a favorite travel destination … Read more

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a complicated place, both politically and economically. And the news can create an ambivalent image of the country especially for those that are intent on visiting the region for vacation reasons. There are places in Indonesia, however, that have managed to survive the ambivalent news coming out of this Asian nation. Bali is … Read more

Madrid, Spain

This is the largest and capital city of Spain. The city is famous for its vast cultural ant artistic heritage. The city has both modern and medieval architecture with huge cathedrals and churches, the El Prado museum. The city also boasts of a vibrant nightlife with the largest number of bars per capita of any … Read more

The Grampians National Park, Victoria Australia

The Grampians National Park is located at the end of the Great Ocean Road. The Grampians National Park is about 1,672 square km in size. It has several attractions and activities such as incredible hikes, series of sandstone ridges at a low angle. And it also prides itself as the host of one of the … Read more