The Amazon rainforest

If you love nature, animals and birds, the amazon is undoubtedly where you need to visit In the amazon, you will be able to see a variety of animals and birds like parrots, monkeys, macaws and pink dolphins as well. The amazon is full of rare animal and bird species not so common in other parts of the world like anacondas, caimans and tarantulas. The rivers lined with tall green rainforests give a very picturesque view of the forest. The Amazon is one of the world’s largest ecosystems and covers almost 40{44db29d6db4b484db69e26cbb5f574651322f4f2368865fd7d4894259707d3a1} of the entire continent, passing through most of the countries. The Amazon can be accessed through Ecuador, Peru, Brazil among others.

The amazon is not a place for the light hearted though. Being one of the most diverse biological regions in the world, the amazon has plenty of animals, birds and creatures for visitors to see. The culture of the indigenous inhabitants of the area is also what attracts many to this region with some people visiting just to look at some of the primitive tribes of the amazon.

The best time to visit the amazon rainforest depends on whether you want to visit during the high water season or during the low water season.
The high water season starts in December and lasts through May and the low water season lasts from June til November.

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