Mendoza, Argentina

Located at the base of the Andes in Argentina, Mendoza is a heaven for wine drinkers. Mendoza with its fertile lands and irrigation schemes has proven to be a top destination for people who love wine because of its long tradition of producing wine. Apart from the wine, Mendoza is also a favorite travel destination for those who like trekking, horse riding, rappelling, zip line and rafting just to mention a few.

Mendoza is one of the nine cities in the network of the great capitals of wine and is one of the emerging oenotourism (wine tourism) destinations. The wide squares, wide streets and sidewalks make it one of the best cities in Argentina. Mendoza also has plenty of museums especially wine museums like the Museo National del Vino. Mendoza has grown away from just being a favorite for wine lovers to all kinds of tourists as well. The historic center has an array of new hotels, restaurants and bars and a mix of architecture depicting the 60s. Just a drive away from the historic center, you will find vineyards, adventure sports and other types of sports under the Andes.

The best time to visit Mendoza is between October and April. These months are warm and the nature is bursting with colors.

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