Easter Island, Chile

Easter island sometimes known as Isla de Pascua is a Polynesian island off the coast of Chile. The island is famous for being home to over 887 monolithic statues called moai which were created by the Rapa Nui people between 1300 – 1500 AD. The statues were created to represent their ancestors and gods and they are a beauty to tourists. The bulk of the statues are located at Rano Raraku, a natural volcanic crater and the islands quarry.

The largest statue is known as Paro stands at almost 10 meters and weighs close to 82 tons. Easter island is a popular tourist destination for people interested in history and archaeology and is one of the top 10 destinations South America. Is a very fascinating destination as well and is an open air museum that portrays a lost culture and civilization. The Rapanui people who occupy the area are among the friendliest you will ever meet and the landscape with its lava formations, volcanic craters, beaches, brilliant blue waters and archaeological sites is very beautiful.

The best time to visit Easter island is from April to June as that’s when the weather is best.

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