Supplements To Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Raising testosterone levels naturally doesn’t have to be a burdensome process. You can simply add a few supplements to your diet alone with a few other changes and you will see noticeable improvements within the period of a few months. Serious procedures by doctors can have lots of unforeseen negative side-effects on your future and the way your body functions, but these few tips will be all natural methods of supplementation and diet changes.

1. Supplement with Zinc

Zinc has been known to lower your bodies production of estrogen. Estrogen is a group of compounds that are the primary female sex hormones. They are essentially what give women their feminine qualities and also the biggest enemy toward raising your male testosterone levels.

You can use around 25mg of zinc daily, but it may be best to spread out usage to a few times a week. Try to take zinc with food for better absorption and limit masturbation. Masturbating excessively releases a lot of zinc through your semen and will leave you deficient if you are doing it too often (daily).

2. Supplement with Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps free testosterone in your body. A lot of scientists believe that the only testosterone that is useful are the one that aren’t bound to proteins. Vitamin helps to free up the testosterone and give it the qualities we search for.

3. Supplement with Fish Oil

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that comes from fish. Fats essentially help increase testosterone in our body by converting cholesterol to testosterone.

4. Testosterone Shake with Eggs

Another thing you can do to increase testosterone naturally is by including eggs in your diet. Eggs are one of the best foods to naturally raise testosterone levels. Aim to use free range or organic eggs for best results.

Break 2 raw eggs into a cup with the yoke and whites
Mix them up nicely in the cup
Add whole, organic, raw milk to get maximum nutrients.
Add about half a cup into your shake.
Next add a scoop of chia seeds into the shake.
Drink this mixture 3 times a week.

Chia seeds are great because of the their high omega-3 value. You can replace these with flax seeds or any other high omega supplement.

5. Taurine

Does taurine increase testosterone? Yes, taurine supplementation has been shown to increase testosterone levels. It has even been shown to prevent complete testosterone shutdown when exogenous testosterone (and/or other performance enhancing drugs) are administered. Normally that will stop the natural testosterone production completely until after a recovery period.

I’m not recommending to use any exogenous hormones obviously, if you want that, talk to your doctor. But it does show taurine to be effective.

“But wait,” you say, “isn’t taurine that ‘magical’ ingredient in energy drinks?” Yes it is! But don’t just go out to drink more of those as they are full of sugar. Better get pure taurine powder (it’s cheap) or get it from natural sources (red meats).

1 to 3 grams a day is what you should be taking, spread it out over the day. Because taking too much at once can upset your digestive system.

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