Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagenia de las Indias, a carribean city located on Colombia’s north coast is another South American destination that stands out from most travel in destinations in South America. Cartagena is a popular destination for travelers to because of its beautiful sand beaches, delicious food, colonial architecture and a very vibrant group of people who make life on the city very vibrant. The local fortress, a world heritage center is another popular attraction to Cartagena. The tropical islas Rosarios offers plenty of boat cruises. While in the city, you also get a chance to party on the chiva, a local bus that functions as a crawl pub. Cartagena is the most most visited cities in Colombia and gets so crowded at times especially in the holy week and December holidays. The city has two basic parts for tourists namely the walled colonial city with fancy hotels, restaurants and pubs and a very long street of hotel towers and condos along the beach known as bocagrande. The exclusive neighborhood of Castillogrande though relatively new is another place worth visiting in Cartagena. The recently built condos, plenty of jogging places and the quiet sandy beaches make it a favorite upcoming destination for tourists

Cartagena is one of the best travel destinations in Columbia and one of the very peaceful places in Columbia. Accommodation in Cartagena is readily available with all kinds of accommodation readily available. Aside from that, the people in Cartagena are very hospitable as well and the cuisine is just on point for tourists with plenty of dishes available on the menu.

The best time to visit Cartagena is just after the peak tourists season, which would be March. Or from June to August. just before the rainy season starts.

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