Barcelona, Spain

This is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. The grand city is full of outdoor markets, shops, churches, museums and restaurants. The streets are great for walking and also a metro system is available for more far-spread destinations. During the warm weather the beaches also offer more relaxing and enjoyable experiences of the city.

The city is on the northern Mediterranean coast of Spain and has a historical heritage that dates back to over 2000 years when it was a prominent Roman town under the name “Barcino”. The city has many inland suburbs and districts that have numerous dining galore, art and museum, luxurious lodgings, festivals etc. you can dine from the Barceloneta which has a variety of fish based dishes or the El Born for some great cuisines.

The city is also great with children because in Spain toddler-happiness is taken as a public responsibility and thus in public areas you’ll find people making an effort to keep your toddler entertained or happy. If you want a real test for the city get yourself a tour guide and check out some of the famous streets and landmarks where you’ll get stories, tips and recommendations about the good places to visit from the locals.

The best time to visit Barcelona is in between late March to April and between late September to October, during these months it’s not too crowded and the weather is comfortable as well.

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