Big Sur Region

This is located in California’s central region within the United States. It is one of the least populated coastal regions in this part of California and is located 245 mile northwest of Los Angeles, and 120 miles south of San Francisco city. Its name is said to have been derived from a Spanish term, ‘El … Read more

Body Building Diet Plan Basics For Men

Diet for Body Building

Bodybuilding is oldest and greatest sports in world and it will make people healthy as well as in good shape. A good diet plan, give self confidence for bodybuilding beginners and coolest feature about bodybuilding fits everyone no matter what age you are. Today, many men are looking to grow lean muscle and improve muscle … Read more

How to Save Over $67,500 or more on Lunch

Your waiter drops off your lunch check on your table and says, “I’ll take that when you are ready”. You turn the bill over to see the amount of $67,500! ¬†After you pick yourself off the floor you start to laugh thinking this is some kind of mistake. Perhaps you are on Candid Camera or … Read more