How to Lose Weight By Eating Dessert

Want to shed those extra pounds? Tried every diet know to man. Not yet! Announcing the Dessert Diet. It is very easy to follow. You simply eat your dessert first. It is that simple. No need to buy a book or 4-part DVD set. No rules to follow, points to count or pills to pop, just eat the treats first!

Remember when your mom caught you eating candy, cookies or sweet treats before dinner? What did she always proclaim? “Don’t eat sweets before your meal, you will ruin your appetite! If you are on a diet, that is exactly what you are trying to do. Ruin your appetite. Face it, you are going to find room for desert no matter how full you may be. But if you eat your dessert first, then you will eat less of diner. 

There is a scientific reaction that occurs in our brain when we eat sweets. It triggers the brain to stop eating. Another benefit is that sweets are usually harder to digest and are better eaten on an empty stomach. People do not realize that digesting food takes an enormous amount of energy and this way you will end up with more pep! A word of caution in case you have some special medical condition that will not allow you to try this, otherwise, try it for a week and see what happens.

Of course this won’t give the same results as an actual proper diet in the long term, but for short-term it could work.

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