Tokyo, Japan

It is difficult to recommend Tokyo as a leading tourist destination because of how pricey it is. But that would be ignoring just wondrous this city, surpassing New York City as the largest city economically, truly is. Tokyo is a marvel, technologically as well as in terms of the wide variety of personalities that inhabit … Read more

Barcelona, Spain

This is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. The grand city is full of outdoor markets, shops, churches, museums and restaurants. The streets are great for walking and also a metro system is available for more far-spread destinations. During the warm weather the beaches also offer more relaxing and enjoyable … Read more

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Gold Coast in South Eastern Queensland is known for its striking beaches accompanied by perfect weather throughout the year. It also has amazing canals and a great water system. Its night life is a delight for most tourists. There are uncountable things that one can do at Gold coast.Some of them include; a visit to … Read more

Buenos Aires

Often referred to as “the Paris of South America” it is another city that full deserves a spot on our list of top 10 destinations South America. The very cosmopolitan city is located on the Rio de la plata on Argentina’s eastern coast. Buenos Aires is characterized by its diverse population comprised of people from … Read more

How to Keep Your Job and Be Rewarded

Are you tired of looking over your shoulder to see if the “Duo of Death” (your boss followed by an HR assistant with a box) are coming to your desk to give you a pink slip? There are a few things you can do that will make you a more valuable employee that will help … Read more


Tasmania is one of the lovely places in Australia similar to New Zealand landscapes. It has pretty cities with excellent facilities and services especially for visitors. One major emphasize is it’s spectacular beaches. There is a vast deposit of beauty and wild life in the mountains and lagoons. Tasmania used to be the biggest prison … Read more

Byron Bay, New South Wales Australia

Byron Bay is located in New South Wales, just south of the Queensland border. Byron Bay is admired and well known not just international tourists, but is also a desired holiday destination of Australians too. The lighthouse at most easterly part of mainland Australia is astonishing at sunset. There is also variety of music carnivals … Read more